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Stagelights PAC Summer Camps

2024 Summer
Camps Enrollment 

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Stagelights Ballerinas

Stagelights is a full-service performing arts center offering classes, private lessons, and summer camps in dance, voice, acting, piano, and theater. In addition, we produce musicals throughout the year.


Our nurturing, caring environment fosters a love and appreciation for the performing arts while developing self-confidence in our students. We work with all levels of students, from beginner to high school and beyond. Through our programs, we enable our students to take the stage, whether it is dancing, singing, acting, or all three!

Our classes and lessons prepare our performers for musical theater and theater programs at all levels.  Our musical productions give our students time on stage and a chance to put their training in action. Our students have success in community theater, audition based college performing arts (BFA) programs, commercials, film, and more.

Stagelights Performing Arts Center


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Dance is social, cultural, and theatrical. It tells stories, it shows emotions, and strengthens our body, mind, and spirit.


Stagelights Dance Program focuses on learning. We inspire our students to be artists

while having fun.


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When a child acts, they develop empathy, learn to foster team work and collaboration, increase creativity, improve communication skills, and develop self-expression. Our Acting Program

taps into our student's creativity, energy, and passion so that they are confident performers.


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Did you know singing improves mental alertness, memory, and concentration? It also promotes self-esteem, engages emotion, and brings people

together. Our Voice Program focuses on technique while

building performance confidence so

students sing with



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It's important that our students have opportunities to perform and put their training to work. At Stagelights, we offer numerous performance options for our students in all the disciplines we teach. We pride ourselves on inspiring well-rounded performers who can succeed in school and community programs.


triple threat (noun)

A person, especially a performer or athlete, who is proficient in three important skills within their particular field.


"A triple threat can sing, dance, and act."

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